Wine Lovers Get Three Times More To Love

If “Variety is the Spice of Life”, then be prepared to allow the varietal selections of The WineSellar & Brasserie to introduce you to an explosion of the spice of life. Established in 1988, The WineSellar is located on the floor below The Brasserie Restaurant. Recently tripling wine shop floor space, they are now boasting approximately 1800 sq. ft. of wine in open display to compliment several private collections of rare and premium wines offered to the public as well as a dynamic online wine auction for private enthusiasts. The WineSellar & Brasserie is unveiling a new tasting room with some of the hottest selections open for sampling as part of the wine shop expansion project.

The WineSellar specializes in hard to find “boutique” wines, including older Bordeaux and Burgundy, plus many jewels from California. Their expert tasting panel samples hundreds of wines to find the unique and special wines that meet their standards and reflect the quality and reputation of their two fine-dining establishments. Selections are chosen from around the world — California, France, Italy, Australia, and later this year, fresh new wines of South Africa. This premium wine shop also has been working hard towards getting the best-valued wines for everyday drinking into the store and is very proud of their selections.

“I want to share my intimate knowledge and love of wine with as many people as possible. I am pleased to offer the wine public an opportunity to grow with us as they learn about their specific wine tastes”, says Gary Parker, Chairman & CEO, local wine authority and proprietor of The WineSellar & Brasserie. “With our public wine storage facility housing well over 200 individual wine collections, we often obtain wine from collectors’ that has been off the market for years. This further adds to the ever-changing and exciting selections offered at competitive prices.”

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