Viansa Introduces New Harvest Wine

Viansa Winery & Italian Marketplace, America’s premier producer of Italian varietal wines, today announced the release of its fresh new 2002 harvest wine Primo Rosato.

A light red wine, Primo Rosato follows the tradition of some European countries that produce a wine each autumn fermented and bottled within weeks of the harvest. These fresh, fruity wines capture the essence of the grapes they contain. Primo Rosato, a unique blend of Primitivo and Merlot grapes, captures the fresh flavors of Sonoma Valley fruit and Viansa’s unique Italian heritage. The wine will be released each November to commemorate the harvest.

“During the harvest, it’s the winemaker’s obligation to taste every wine multiple times, day in and day out,” says Viansa Winemaker Derek Irwin. “At the end of the day my hands are purple and my tongue is worn out. This fresh and delicious wine is a great departure from the weight of the tannins and acids that our more traditional red wines develop as they proceed through fermentation.”

Viansa’s Primo Rosato is designed to celebrate the harvest and it should be opened and enjoyed immediately as a wonderful aperitif with family and friends this holiday season.

About Viansa Winery & Italian Marketplace

Founded in 1989 by Sam and Vicki Sebastiani with a vision to become a Taste of Tuscany in California Wine Country, Viansa Winery & Italian Marketplace is now America’s premier producer of Italian varietal wines. Their limited production is not available in stores or restaurants.

Viansa is a unique destination winery. Their Tuscan Italian Villa located within an olive grove atop a hill in Southern Sonoma Valley overlooks the Viansa waterfowl preserve and vineyards. Tastings are set in an ambience of Italian murals and massive beams. Whether you experience a personal tasting, a formal or picnic luncheon, wedding or business event, the Viansa experience is truly a splendid Taste of Tuscany.

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