The Different Processes of Mead Making

A number of different types of wine can be made and not all of them have to be made from grapes or fruit. Mead wine is one such wine and it is made from honey, it also happens to be one of the oldest forms of wine and it is known also known as honey wine. It is primarily made from three main ingredients and these are honey, yeast and water. The yeast is natural and comes from the version which is known as wild yeast. In modern times these wines are made much more like other versions of wines but they tend to have longer fermenting times and the yeast is used in order to speed up the process. This ancient beverage also comes along with a number of other traditions, one of such traditions comes from the term honey moon which actually refers to an ancient tradition where a couple would take honey wine for a month after marriage because it was believed that it would help them give birth to sons.

At a certain time, people who made mead wine were skilled and specially trained men. The art of such winemaking was also a closeted and respected process, so much so that people who made wines in ancient times were considered very important persons.

For those who wish to change the flavor of their mead, certain things can be added in order to change the flavor. If spices are added to the mix, the name changes to metheglin. What this word means is medicinal liquor and the etymology comes from the welsh language. This name was given because spices and herbs in ancient times were known to cure medical problems and honey wine was used along with the mixture because it didn’t freeze during the cold winters.

Certain people added fruit to their honey wine and called it melomel. This helped these people make their fruit last much longer in summer when such fruit was usually prone to rot. In winter spices would be added and then warmed in order to create a winter delight. If medicinal purposes were intended, lavender or chamomile would be added. In order to spice everything up properly cinnamon or nutmeg would also be added too. Certain fruits were used and mixed along with the honey wine and these fruits included strawberries as well as blackcurrants. If the honey was required to be stronger tasting, more honey was used and the mix was called sack instead. Slavs from the East made honey wine and it tended to come with much more alcohol and they called their version Medovukha. It was much more like vodka with some honey mixed with it. One more type of mead was called Pyment and it was a mixture of honey wine as well as grapes. If white grapes were used in the mix, it was called white mead instead.

Different types of honey were used to make these wines and they all tended to depend on the place were a person usually lived. This honey could either be light colored with a light taste or as dark as buckwheat honey with a heavier taste but regardless, they all tended to result in very good honey wine.

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