Grapes Without Wrath

Fine dining without the pang of restaurant wine prices may have just become the new trend in San Diego. Starting now, The Brasserie Restaurant offers their clientele an expansive wine list at unprecedented retail based pricing.

Gourmands and wine aficionado’s who make the foray to The WineSellar & Brasserie may find a bit of fun hand picking their bottles in The WineSellar, which houses one of San Diego’s most extensive selections of fine and rare wine at competitive prices. What will be most exciting is that rather than pay restaurant prices for the wine, they can simply add 20% to the wine shop price and enjoy it in The Brasserie Restaurant.

When asked why a restaurant would cut their prices like this, Founder Gary Parker commented, “Times are different. We have been through a recession, an energy crisis, a terrorist attack, a war against terrorism, layoffs, and corporate greed. We are generally not indulging ourselves as we had before. I want to provide something unique and uplifting to brighten the lives of those who dine at The Brasserie. I can do that by offering this world class selection of fine wines at prices that will raise eyebrows with delight and excitement.”

Parker continues, “I consider myself a culinary crusader. I love to provide and promote epicurean pleasures to others through my restaurants, wine shop, and wine of the month clubs.”

The Brasserie restaurant has been the recipient of the Wine Spectator Grand Award every year since it opened in 1989. This award acknowledges The Brasserie wine list as being one of the 95 best wine lists in the world today because of its depth and selections.

Adds Parker: “That list just got bigger. I took our three separate sets of inventory (The WineSellar, The Brasserie and, our continuous on-line wine auction) and merged them into one list, assigning them a competitive retail price. There are over 3,500 selections, with pricing for some everyday wines as low as five dollars side-by-side with rare gems reaching into the thousands. We are hoping that wine lovers will find our selection and pricing very compelling, and take advantage of our offer.”

When asked about the wine opening fee (for the restaurant), Parker responds: “The Brasserie has an elegant setting, provides superb glassware, has wine knowledgeable staff and our food rating in the Zagat Guide has ranged between first to fifth over the last ten years. Given these high standards of service, the small fee seems fair and appropriate.

The list is going to be encyclopedic. Parker says a wine-knowledgeable sales person will be on hand to offer assistance if needed. And for the connoisseurs, a temperature-controlled room has been built in The WineSellar to house and display all of the many bottles of rare wines that The WineSellar & Brasserie has accumulated over the years.

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